Top Tips For Planning An Awesome Trip

How to plan a great trip from start to finish – whether it’s for business or pleasure – with these simple travel hacks?

Planning a leisurely breakaway or a short working trip can be stressful. What should I pack? Which places should I visit? How to get there? When can I go? These questions can eat up hours of time and even days of frustration. If you don’t have a clear idea of where you want to go, then it can be challenging, time-consuming, and expensive to book flights and accommodation.

Getting to Plan a Trip

However, the journey doesn’t have to be as daunting. Simply having a general goal of where you’d like to end up will help you plan effectively. You can use this video for advice on how to make your dream holiday a reality.

The first step in planning is to choose what type of destination you’re hoping to visit. Is it relaxation at a luxury resort? The beauty of exploring new cities? A weekend away? A summer vacation? With so many options available today both near home and abroad, consider that when deciding which location is right for you. Once you’ve chosen an ideal spot, find out what makes it special by reading reviews and using social media to see photos of the locations.

Tips for the Detailed Planning

– Figure out how long you’ll need to stay in each place. Do some research into local transport, opening times, weather patterns and festivals.

– Consider your budget and work out if you can afford your travels. Will you save money before leaving? Research any discounts with airlines or hotels for less cost. Can you get a student deal, or are you eligible for a military discount? 

– Start looking at flights two/three months ahead of time. This way you’ll get a sense of prices not just now, but in six months’ time. Check out low fare sales: the earlier you book tickets, the more chance you have of finding good fares.

– Be flexible. Airfares change every day, and you may find yourself getting a better price by waiting until closer to your departure date. However, remember: no matter where you look in the world, airfares increase during major holidays (Christmas, New Year) and tourist seasons.

– When booking, try and reserve multiple rooms under one reservation as they tend to be cheaper. They also give you flexibility if there are problems with your booked hotel.

– Travel Insurance is essential! Even though we’re all being very careful about safety nowadays, accidents do happen. So make sure you have adequate cover for your trip.

Saving Money 

With real money, you could treat yourself to a few useful items such as a digital camera, power tool to fix things around the house, and household appliances. But unless you’re truly strapped for cash and need to save money for something big, then it may not be worth buying things which you’ll only use once. Instead, concentrate on saving enough to travel somewhere fun. It’s much easier to save than spend, and it gets you more enjoyment out of life too.

The Bottom Line – Setting your Plan in Motion

It sounds simple, but starting the planning process is a crucial part of making your dream holiday come true. Don’t let anything stop you from planning — start by writing down everything to do. Make sure you list everything from accommodation to attractions and activities. Then break down your checklist into daily tasks, weekly goals and monthly plans.

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